Lampwork FAQ's

Q. What are Lampwork Beads?

Lampwork Beads are handmade beads made using specific types of glass. These amazing works of art are crafted using a centuries-old process called lampworking. A glass artist uses a special torch to melt rods of colorful glass into a molten state. It is then wound on a steel rod called a mandrel to form a base bead. From there, the glass artist can create detailed embellishments using a variety of techniques and materials, creating unique, one-of-a-kind, little pieces of art. They are then placed in a kiln to cool.

Q. What is Boro Glass?

Borosilicate glass is a specialized type of glass that is much stronger than glass typically used in lampworking. Borosilicate glass can be manipulated and shaded by a glass artist creating whispy hues and feathery petals encased in layers of Borosilicate glass resulting in amazing depth and beauty. Boro glass beads tend to be rich in color, especially as they soak up natural sunlight.

Q. What is a Kiln?

Once Lampwork Beads have been made, they are placed into a kiln where the temperature can be regulated until the beads are properly cooled. This process adds strength and durability.

Q. I see SRA in the description of your listings. What does this mean?

SRA lampwork beads are handmade by glass artist who belong to an organization of Self Representing Artist. This organization of amazing glass artist from around the world come together to share ideas and techniques. They are also glass artist who have mastered their skill. I have found the quality of beads from an SRA glass artist to be of an exceptional quality, and will not use anything but lampwork beads from a designated SRA artist in my designs.

Q. I see the term Raku used. What is it and what does it mean?

A raku is a process in which a plain glass bead in its molten state, is rolled in what is called, a reduction frit. A reduction frit is a mix/blend of small chips of glass in various color schemes that are used to add color and/or visual interest. Once heated, these melt and become part of the base bead.

Q. Do you make your own beads?

No. I buy my Lampwork Beads from SRA (Self Representing Artist) from around the world, and often work with them to bring my own vision to life.

Q. Why are Lampwork Beads not identical from bead to bead?

Since each bead is made by hand, it’s impossible for them to be exactly identical, but experienced glass artist get them almost perfectly matched.

Q. I see some color variations, even bubbles. Is this a flaw?

No, this is not a flaw. In fact, slight color variations and some bubbles are all natural occurrences, making each bead unique, and a little piece of art.